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For youth, by youth—with the help of young Canadians, we are building a program that will give them a chance to gain life skills by getting involved in serving their community. Tell us what matters to you and what kind of difference you want to make. Be sure to leave us your contact information so we can stay in touch!

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Young Canadians have told us that they like the idea of an account or platform that would keep track of their service journey by storing their experiences and generating points/rewards along the way. What do you think of this idea? Please choose one option that applies
Young Canadians have told us that good mentors are a very important part of their community service experience. Who in your life would make the best mentor to support you in getting involved in service/volunteering? Please select all options that apply
Young Canadians have told us that they find their community service work rewarding, and that they are not doing it for personal gain. But if you were to receive something tangible from the Prime Minister's Canada Service Corps, which 'rewards' would interest you most? Please select the top three that interest you the most

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